Springtime is swarming season

Every year milions of bees leave their beehives and look for a new home – we call this swarming. Half of the workers and the old queen have flown off, leaving the old hive queenless with a pretty big house to look after. For most beekeepers, swarms are dreaded, as the remaining population is weakened. However, for us swarming season meant we were able to extend our own population with 5 new bee colonies!

We had met an eldery beekeeper as we bought our first hives. We exchanged numbers and he assured us to help catch swarms. On three different occasions we set off and collected bees from trees in small towns, from a flower pot in a backyard and even from the center of Seville!

Further, we caught two more swarms by placing an empty hive in my parents-in-laws garden. They live in Montequinto, a bit outside of Seville and close to agricultural pastures. We set up a top bar hive (seen in the photo below), lay an old piece of comb inside and then waited. Two days later bees had moved in! What great success!

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