Why does Honey cristalize?

To who hasn’t this happened, the once so beautifully liquid honey has suddenly crystallized. The honey has become thicker and small crystals are slowly forming. But why is this happening?

The crystallization of honey is a natural process and is related to the composition of the honey. Honey consists mainly of fructose (27 to 44%), glucose (22 to 41%) and water (the proportion of water can be 15%, but must not exceed 20%). Also other sugars like maltose and sucrose are contained in smaller amounts, as well as amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

The exact composition at the end depends on the nectar of the flowers the bees have been collecting. Therefore each honey is different, as the flower variety differs in each region.

If the fructose (fructose) content in honey is high, the honey remains liquid pretty long. On the other hand, small crystals quickly form with a high glucose (dextrose) content. The process can still be accelerated by low temperatures.

Whether liquid or crystallized, real honey does not lose its quality. On the contrary, crystallization is a sign of purity and that the honey has never been overheated or excessively filtered. If you don’t like it, you can simply heat the honey in a water bath, but not above 40º C, because honey loses its quality already at this temperature.

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